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RECENT Projects

NOTUS Music Notation

since April 2013, Erwin is developping NOTUS.

Notus is a new structure and system to notate music.

Notus is based on radical changes and renewals in conventional notation, but Notus is no experimental, artistic or graphic one-of-a kind notation.
Notus is a very high potential alternative for the conventional music notation, while Notus is very recognizable because of the use of some of the conventional elements such as a stave (but the Notus stave is a lot easier) and the time indication of notes and rests.
Notus learns more than 500% faster and reads easier than conventional notation. Notus does not have clefs, sharp, flat and natural signs.
Notus is based on 'what-you-see-is-what-you-play'. Reading and playing music with Notus is a joy forever.

In notus there are no more mistakes possible between reading ties and legato bows. In notus the real contour of the notes is visible.
Other corrections and improvements include: octave names, pauses and fermata, repeat signs, trills-tremolos and ornaments,
dynamic markings, harmonics, piano and percussion notation, quarter tones and microtones for the notation of non Western music.
In notus there is also a new tablature notation for playing guitar and reading notes at the same time.
Also a coloured version for mental disabled people is embedded in the Notus music notation system.

SO, Notus is a revolutionary music notation language that will turn the world of music notation upside down.

More news and presentations to come! A book for professional musicians is in full preparation.
Publications for novices and beginners and also sheetmusic for beginners is to come in the near future.

When all is said and done in music notation …comes NOTUS !

Notus © Erwin Clauws, 2013-2014, authenticated by notarial deed

FUTURE Project:

Presentation and lecture about NOTUS Music Notation

Wednesday April 8th, 2015 (lecture is given in French)

Salle Louise l'Abé, 30 rue de l'Abbé Tournier, Lectoure (France)

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